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February 7, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter for a better pucker!

     Ever since I was a child I've always had a serious problem with chapped lips. All year round, but especially in these deep winter months, my lips would get really flaky (ew!) and sometimes even crack. Not only is chapped lips not a good look on anyone, it's painful and makes lipsticks appear cakey. 
        On my weekly trip to the drugstore, I scouted out these cute little Nivea lip butter compacts that had their own display near where the other medicated lip balms where. Of course I immediately wanted to go for one of their delicious scents/flavors like ' Vanilla Macadamia Kiss' or 'Graham Kiss' but instead I opted for the non-scented, non-flavored butter, 'Smooth Kiss' and I'm hooked! 

      As tempting as it is, especially with promises of 'Caramel Cream Kiss' kisses, I chose not to buy a yummy scent/flavor when sampling this lippy because I just know that within 5 minutes of applying it I probably would have licked my 'Caramel Cream Kiss' right off my lips! By choosing a natural, unscented balm, I'm avoiding the lip licking epidemic that leads to serious chap-stick dependency. Food or candy oriented lip balms and chap sticks immediately throw up the scam flag for me. Lippies like Nivea's 'Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss' or 'Raspberry Rose Kiss' actually make you lick your lips. Not only does licking your lips take all the medicated balm off (duh!), but your saliva actually makes your lips dry! Choosing the normal, unscented/unflavored option is a smarter choice for your lips in the long run if you have an ongoing problem with drying and cracking like me. 

     I swear that this lip butter is my divine savoir. I will absolutely never use a chapstick for my chapped lips ever again! Despite the name, deeming it a ‘butter’, the actual product which comes in the form of a pressed crème balm is actually light as air! I also love the feeling of applying it with my finger because I feel like I really get to massage my sore, winter scorned lips and get all the cracked corners and crevices. I especially like to use this at home before bed. Because I also suffer from allergies, I often have a stuffy nose and end up sleeping with my mouth open. Mouth open=chapped lips. When I apply ‘Smooth Kiss’ before bed, my lips stay moisturized through-out the night and I wake up with a rejuvenated pucker!
I also imagine these would be great for those suffering with colds this season! Buy one for yourself, or pick one up for a friend as a part of a ‘Get Better’ care package, they’ll totally thank you later. I got mine for $3.99 at Walgreens but I think they can also be bought at Walmart, Target, or really any drug store (CVS, Rite Aid ect…).

 You know what they say: “Happy lips, happy life!”
             Okay, they don’t really say that, but it’s true!.....
        Lizzie xoxo

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