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January 11, 2013

Oh baby baby! Baby Lips by Maybelline

                     I’m definitely not a follower when it comes to makeup trends. I’m particular about my ultra-simple ultra-natural look and most of the wacky makeup that trends on Instagram or television doesn’t quiet fit into my light-blushed, nude lidded world.
            The TV has recently totally been bombarding my program viewing with commercials for Maybelline’s new tinted lip balm called “Baby Lips”. Honestly upon first encounter with the add, I hadn’t been impressed. I’ve used a lot of tinted balms before and they’re normally cake-y with too much metallic shine or taste gross with hardly no ‘tint’ at all (or a horrid mixture of all the above). 
           After seeing the colorful tubes so often around cash registers and make-up kiosks, my inner natural-faced make-up girl dressed in her dare-devil gear and was bugging me to try them, but I was still on the fence about subjecting myself to another tinted balm experiment. 
            It was just yesterday morning when I was scrolling through Glamor's 18 Brand-New Beauty Products to Try in 2013 that I finally became convinced I needed the lippy that Glamor dubbed as a “Yummy” must-have; and oh my goodness, am I glad that I caved in!
            With an awesome sale at my favorite drug store, I bought one and grabbed another for 50% off and after trying them both…I think I may have to go back for the rest of the collection!
    But for now, I have ‘Pink Punch’, a dynamic Barbie pink that would be too overpowering in an opaque lipstick but is gorgeous in sheer, and ‘Peach Kiss’ which seems to have a little more shimmer than ‘Pink Punch’ and totally lives up to it’s name: a creamy peachy shine that for some reason makes me feel like an instant babe! 

                                    'Pink Punch' (left) and 'Peach Kiss' (right)

As if gorgeous sheer color and eye-catching shimmer wasn’t enough, the formula is pretty unbelievable. The thick sticks make me feel like I’m five again using those huge cherry bomb chapsticks except with a much more luxurious feel. I would compare their application to a drink of water for your lips; instantly smoothes and beautifies. They also live up to their 8 hour lasting claim. I put some on before bed, because I became instantly addicted to their light fruity smell, and when I woke up I was still able to smear my lips together with the moisture that was left over from my first application.

                                           'Pink Punch' (bottom) and 'Peach Kiss' (top

 I would totally recommend these fun and youthful lippies to any girl who is looking for a touch of color that remains on your lips like a stain but moisturizes like a medicated balm, and smells DELISH! For me, the elegance of these fun little balms are perfect to dress up a natural makeup-ed face or in place of a nude lip; totally kissable, totally cute but still totally sexy!

Maybelline, I am impressed. You deserve a standing ovation for this one. Really, Bravo!