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December 12, 2012

Oil fighting Clean & Clear products!

  As a younger teen I never really got bad face acne, the hallmark to puberty. I've been lucky for quiet a few years until just about two years ago I began to notice an extreme oil problem on my forehead, beneath my nostrils, or even on my chin. Us girls (or aesthetically in-tune boys ;p ) hate nothing more than having a shiny forehead! I found myself having to 'powder my nose' more than just once in a couple hours before I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or something and notice that my forehead was reflecting beams of sunlight from its oily shine...
  I couldn't combat my oily face with just make-up powder. I did some research and decided I'd go out and get myself some of those oil absorbing sheets. I used those stupid little blue papers for the longest time before I got disgusted with them: I knew using them in public probably looked really weird and after they were used the oil that it picks up from your skin turns the sheet clear and greasy like I cooked bacon on my forehead or something. So out the door those gross things went!
  Using the oil removing tissues really helped me realize how bad the oil problem I had actually was, and like any girl who was in my shoes would do, I took to the internet. At first I searched around for oil-fighting products with good reviews but the results were just too overwhelming and diverse to narrow down what I thought would work for me. Every girl's skin is different, so what helps one girl may not help the next. I was desperate! I started to wash my face with soaps that were drying to my hands in hopes that they would dry my forehead too, but quickly ceased the practice once pimples started to pop up around my hair line. Fail after fail... I had no where to turn and no extra money to spend on a consultation with a dermatologist. Would I just have to except my oily fate?!

  I was browsing my local drug store's skin products in what I thought was a vain attempt to narrow down the unbelievably large playing field when the skin gods spoke to me and on beams of golden oil-free sunshine, presented me with the two Clean & Clear products I still use religiously today. "Go Forth!", the gods told me, "and spread the word of this glorious product!". And like any good beauty guru, I obeyed their heavenly request. 

 (Clean & Clear deep action cream cleanser (left) and Clean & Clear essentials deep cleaning astringent (right) )

  What first drew me toward the Clean & Clear cream cleanser was not it's pretty packaging. (although the designs pop off the shelf and scream "TRY ME!". Really though, Clean & Clear needs to give their design team a raise! ) I was convinced I needed it when I saw that it claims to fight oil and dirt clogging your pours that you can't even see and that it wasn't some annoying flower-y smelling gel with painful little beads that are meant to pulverize your skin into cleanliness but really just end up stuck in your hair and eyebrows. I was sold. 
  The astringent isn't hard to miss either and I'll admit, looks a little scary in the bottle. An orange like that screams to me "EXTREMELY PAINFUL CHEMICAL PEAL", but I was so desperate I was ready for anything (Beauty is Painful!).

  I use the cream cleanser in the shower or at the sink with my hair tightly pulled back in a headband. It comes out like a wonderful thick cream that lathers just slightly when you rub it in. Once rubbed in to all my serious problem areas, I enjoyed sitting back for a minute or two and indulging in the minor cooling and tingly sensation (like my pores were going skinny dipping!) before I rinsed thoroughly and very gently patted dry. It's important you pat dry (I found this one out the hard way). Your pores have just been opened up and are very vulnerable, so rubbing harshly with a towel will definitely cause some nasty irritation (please learn from my mistake girls! No joke!). 
  After the cleanser I already can feel a 90% improvement in the feeling of my skin which no longer feels soggy on my face. This next step can be slightly painful if you have open wounds (like scratches or pimples) on your oily problem areas, which you probably do. The astringent is meant to not only deeply clean anything that the cleanser didn't get but help treat and prevent pimples.

  Get this: Both products do what they claim to do!!!!!!

  Toner didn't work for me, even after keeping a daily regimen of applying it for a while. Since I've started using the Clean & Clear astringent and cleanser I have little to absolutely no problem with oil. Eliminating my daily oil problem didn't come as an instantaneous effect but I immediately felt that my skin was more fresh and clean the day I started using it. After repeating this regimen when I went to bed, and applying some extra astringent in the morning before I put on my makeup, it took about 3 weeks to a month to completely guard me of my oily nightmare! Not only is my skin healthier now, my confidence about my skin has multiplied as well! :)

Remember: Each girl has different skin and therefore different things that work for them, but if you are as desperate as I was, it doesn't hurt to give this pair a try!!!