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January 21, 2013

Midnight Blues

       I'm going to happily dedicate my next two manis to swatching my Tryst Lacquers Date Night Collection I bought as a birthday present for myself a couple weeks back and haven't gotten around to photographing. Kimberly Maranan, the brand's lovely owner, is a jelly polish genius who deserves an indie Emmy!!! I'm just now building up enough indie polishes to qualify as an extremely modest collection. I'll admit that I'm not exactly a franken-polish connoisseur; clear bases and glitter bombs (though beautiful) just aren't my style, but since I received a hefty amount of money for my past 18th birthday, I decided I would delve into the indie polish world while my wallet was open and willing for a risk here or there. 
        Kimberly's polish style is everything I think an indie polish should be. Its unique, interestingly eye-catching, gorgeous, practical, and made up of all the glittery goodness that you just can't get with mainstream polishes. But what really sold me, was her pigment-based cremes and jellies. 

 "Meet Me At Midnight" swatched above pretty much speaks for the collection, and Kimberly's brand as a whole, for itself. It's jam-packed with large copper hex glitters, small blue hexes, and the cherry on top; the abundance of micro white hexes that totally makes the polish and fit's its name sake perfectly. And seriously, that gorgeous navy blue jelly?! I'm in love. 

    This only took three coats on it's own for opaque squishy jelly amazing-ness. One easy coat of Seche Vite smooths all the glitters out to a glassy to-die-for finish!
   You can buy this beauty and others in both full sized and cute little mini try-out sizes at Kimberly's etsy shop here.


  1. Hi Lizzie I was wondering what is your favortie type of nails polish brand to use I have use alot of different kinds and wanted to know what is your favortie..???

    1. Hi fellow nail girlie!
      Boy, that is a loaded question! For someone who is so obsessed with polish I think a lot of other nail girls would agree that it's totally hard to pick your favorite brand. When I first started painting my nails, I was a really big Essie girl, because they have such a wide variety of baby pinks and neutrals and that's what I was into. But now that I've become a little more brave, I guess I'd have to say China Glaze!!! I think that they come out with a huge variety of colors and most of my collection is China Glaze polishes :)! They're "3 free" and not tested on animals so that is a plus! I think a favorite brand all depends on what kind of polish is your fave to wear. Since I like to be a little funky, China Glaze is a perfect fit for me! Plus, have you seen the upcoming Spring collection!!!??! It's to DIE for!!!!
      Thanks for asking! Keep Reading!
      <3 Sincerly,


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