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January 20, 2013

Lip smacking good Laquerlicious Lacquers!

                                      Now that's a title that has got me salivating!
      A week or two ago, I pleaded with the wonderful owner of Laquerlicious, an upcoming indie polish brand, to grace me with the honor of swatching some of her newest concoctions. Unbelievably, she obliged! Getting three little gorgeous polish mini's in the mail was a euphoric experience; finally I was like (or on my way to being) those uber popular swatchers on instagram who get to blog beautiful indie nail-potions and rub elbows with some of the best franken-ers in the industry!
      AND I haven't even gotten to the good part: the polishes!!!!!! Miss Laquerlicious sent me three cute little mini's that each raced to a special notch of my 'OH MY GOD' meter! 'Zebra Kisses', clear-based choc full of matte white and black shards, 'Pink Granite', my absolute favorite that packs heat with tiny pink and black hexes, large black and white square shards, the occasional pink translucent hex, and an army of micro pink dots, and last but certainly not least 'Rainbow Sugar', another shocking favorite of mine that teems with a beautiful pink-tinted jelly base complete with all the colors of the rainbow in the form of translucent and patterned hex glitters, each different but oh-so wonderful!

      I'm going to proudly start out with the polish that is certainly the best nam-ed (in my opinion) of the bunch; 'Zebra Kisses'!!! Not only does the name of this black and white topper give you THEEEE cutest image in your head but it is surprisingly chic on top of my neon-green base (which is 'Nikki' by Julep, a beautiful neon with a rubbery finish). I'm in love with the unconventional approach this sharded white and black matte glitter takes on a normal salt-n-pepper sort of topper. 


       The application for this one is genius. I've owned quite a few black and white toppers in my day, and by far this one is the best application wise. Absolutely no fishing! What you see is what you get! A nice smooth finish with just enough pieces in your first coat to obtain desired effect. This one is definitely worthy of a full-size purchase. It's fresh, new, and versatile, looking totally chic over bright colors (especially in the winter!) or interestingly classic over dark cremes, making it a no-brainer buy for any polish junkie.

          Can you believe I was on the fence about this beauty? I'm not normally one for colorful toppers, so besides loving the name, I wasn't sure about 'Rainbow Sugar'. It was my last to swatch, pictured here with three thin coats over Revlon's 'Pink Lingerie'. I kept telling myself that it was pretty, just not my style. These dark thoughts were said and done by morning. In the daytime, I fell into a whirlwind romance with my colorful tips. I just felt fun while wearing this polish. Its milky pink base, if im not mistaken, actually has a tiny tiny bit of teal shimmer which took me by surprise and got me to look at silly and fun rainbow glitter toppers in a whole new light.


       With three easy coats, the layered look of green, red, blue, pink and sometimes tiny purple hexes and squares gives the appearance of a really fun watercolor without all the back-breaking nail art work. After boycotting cheesy rainbow toppers for so long... 'Rainbow Sugar' has definitely made me a believer.

       Oh how I've saved the best for last; 'Pink Granite', another spot-on name that kind of makes you go "OOOOooohhh" when you look at it. My go-to undies for this one was a deep steel gray that's dark enough for granite, but light enough to remain gray and not black. Essie 'Smokin' Hot', an untried smokey gray creme I had sitting around made this mani an unquestionable instant fave. In an easy to work with clear base filled with tiny pink micro glitters, small black and pink hex and squares, large white squares, and the kicker: large translucent pink hex, this polish gives your nails an instant girly-granite make-over. 


        With one super smooth coat, a perfect helping of glitter is easily distributed. The translucent glitters that overlap each other and other glitters give the illusion of actual glittering layers of granite. This beaut is one for the polish gods. Bravo Miss Laquerlicious. Bravo!

         These polishes totally did all the work for me just by being beautiful to photograph, fun to wear, and a breeze to apply. I hope ( and how could I not have?!) I've convinced you to take a little trip on over to the Laquerlicious etsy shop to get the real delicious experience. 
        May your wallets be open and your helmers full! ;)

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