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December 31, 2012

Beauty Guru Identity Crisis

With renewed ambition after some serious online window shopping I rushed to my favorite makeup supplier (which means the nearest Walgreen’s) first thing in the morning with eyes only for shadow. I went a wee bit crazy and ended up spending about $32 in product I wasn’t even sure was going to work.
            Keeping my pale skin in mind rather than my eye color (I’d really rather not wear green and violet eye shadow everyday), I picked up some nude, brown, and pink pallets in various shades that were sold in either a trio or duo. One of the palettes even had a convenient little diagram on the back for shadow noobs like me. I also opted for a $5 primer which was a much better choice than the $12 dollar ones that were eyeing me.
            I carted my frivolously-bought pallets home and proudly spread them out around my bathroom sink like little color pigmented soldiers readying for battle. Armed with remover pads and blending brushes, I went to work following all the neat little tips I had acquired through my YouTube tutorial ventures a couple days ago…I even tried following one of said tutorials while I was applying: I paused, applied, played, watched, paused again, blended, but it was no use. My poor little shadow soldiers never had a chance…
            In short my experiment was a complete and utter disaster. The colors either made me look like I lost blood in my eyelids, or like I got into a fight at a pink-powder factory. Most of the browns/neutrals that were any darker than my skin tone made by lids look ruddy. Even after some serious blending and tests of different light, medium, and dark color combos, I still looked like I got punched in the face by a dirt devil.
            With a horrid conglomeration of tan, brown and pink shadows more on my face than my eyelids, I got to thinking. Am I a one shadow girl? I remember getting compliments on a day-to-day basis when I wore a peachy-shimmer with just mascara as my daily look. There was nothing wrong with how I looked when I used only one shadow shade, but settling on such a fate made me nervous. Didn’t you have to be a multi-shade girl to be officially inducted into the beauty maven world? Don’t I have to gush over the latest ‘Naked’ palette or Lime Crime trio to fit into my aspired title as a beauty guru? Was it okay to be happy with a single paint pot I got for six bucks at Rite Aid?
            I finished the night with clean lids and my normal before-bed skin care routine. I’m still unsure if I feel confident with my single-shade identity. I don’t know whether to rue it or embrace its simplicity….but hear this fellow beauty-lovers, a silly army of shadow will not be my downfall! Nothing can stop a girl with red-hot glitter in her veins <3!

            Till my next adventure,

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